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The Key to the success of any new resin flooring system is the surface Preparation without spending time on the correct type of preparation for the appropriate flooring system, Should it be Captive enclosed Shot-blasting, Grinding or heavy Duty surface planer, all these types of surface preparation are carried out now with dust extraction units therefore keeping the escape of dust to a bare minimum

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Types of Flooring

Resin Flooring comes in many shapes and forms from the thin type 1 (see frefa Guide) heavily solvented or water borne coatings with a film thickness for two coats at less than 150 microns through to the type 8 heavy duty 9mm Polyurethane screeds,  We use industrial flooring products manufactured by some of the leading Industrial Resin Manufactures in the UK and the world, B A S F Mastertop U-Crete, Resdev, Sika and Degafloor to name just a few, from the vast range of products these companies offer we can supply a flooring solution for any occasion.

FeRFA Guide

FeRFA’s eight types are classified as follows:-


Type 1  Floor Seal

Type 2  Floor Coating

Type 3  High Build Floor Coating

Type 4  Multi Layer Flooring

Type 5  Flow Applied Flooring

Type 6  Screed Flooring

Type 7  Heavy Duty Flowable Flooring

Type 8  Heavy Duty Screed Flooring


Flooring Products are categorised in to eight types by FeRFA, Integral to the development of the FeRFA guide is the new classification of resin flooring products into one of eight categories.  This classification forms the backbone of FeRFA’s aims to rationalise the diversity of the product ranges within the resin flooring industry.  Each of the eight types represents a class of properties and durability of the flooring finish. As such, the different types are appropriate for use in different applications, and it is therefore correct that an informed selection can be made and this will form the cornerstone of accurate resin flooring specifications.

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